How to Use Face ID on the iPhone X and Set Things Up for Unlocking Phone by Face

How to Use Face ID on the iPhone X and Set Things Up for Unlocking Phone by Face

Communicating devices, like hand phone are becoming more advanced time after time. If it is iPhone X we are talking about here, there is this Face ID feature you need to make good use of. It is the feature that this particular iPhone model has to offer. It basically lets you unlock your iPhone by face recognition. How to use Face ID on the iPhone X to set this then? Here, let us show you the way so you can’t let anyone to peek into your device.

Getting Started by Having Your Face Scanned

Whether you are asked to set up Face ID or you plan on doing it to begin with, you can start everything by tapping Get Started.  An image of yourself will be seen since it works like camera. Still, it uses infrared sensors to scan your face. If some movements are needed, you will be instructed to do so right on the screen. So, just follow it and you will know what to do to complete the scanning.

Doing the Scanning Twice to Set Up the Face ID

Once the scanning done, you will be prompted to do it one more time. Just follow the instructions and get the iPhone to take a whole look of your face. Doing twice will ensure the device gets just the right face to recognize for phone unlock later. After the second scanning is done, the screen will have you know that ‘your Face ID is now set up’. Tap on the Done button then when you get to this.

Setting the Options of Face ID Feature to Use

Just because you have scanned your face, it does not mean that you’ve got all the jobs done, you see. You need to set up the options so you can make things easier. For example, you choose when it gets applied. You can also turn on Require Attention for Face ID for certain disabilities. You might as well turn on Attention Aware Features if you don’t want the screen dim when you are looking at it.

Making Better Password to Increase Security

This Face ID might have been useful and all. However, you need to know that once it is turned on, the passcode enter will be pretty much reduced. It means the security is basically reduced too. To deal with this, you need to make better passcode. Go to the Face ID and Passcode section from your Settings App and change the passcode. Instead of digit only, try with letters and numbers instead.

Using the Face ID Once Everything Is All Set Up

How to use Face ID on the iPhone X when the set up is done then? Just make sure you move closer enough to the screen and take off your sunglasses for accurate recognition. Face ID is highly accurate. If your face is similar to someone, remember that this feature can be risky. However, this feature is smart if we must say. It learns how our look changes, so it is best to keep using it really.

Description: How to use Face ID on the iPhone X starts by you setting things up, right from scanning, changing passcode, to even using the Face ID with some worthy tips.

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