How to Close Apps on the iPhone X and Force Quit Them

How to Close Apps on the iPhone X and Force Quit Them

If you ask how to close apps, most people would answer that you simply have to press the Home button. Giving it double tap and you are all set to force quit them. This might be the answer to most Smartphones and the previous iPhones, but it won’t be the case with iPhone X. It does not have the Home button featured after all. So, let us tell you how to close apps on the iPhone X in this chance.

One Way of Closing the Apps on Device

Even though the new iPhone X does not have Home button, it is one designed and featured with the new way of closing the apps. There is just one way of doing it, so you won’t find it difficult at all to do. All you need to do here is to put your finger right on the bottom of your iPhone X display. While your finger still on the screen, just give it a swipe upwards and the app will simply be closed like that.

Steps to Force Quit the Apps on Device

Now that you are done learning how to close the apps, it is the time for you to learn how to force quit them. Instead of closing the apps, sometimes you would find the need to do this. Of course, the force quit will have to follow different steps on iPhone X instead of just giving double tap on Home button. You don’t have to worry since it takes you only 3 steps to get things done on your iPhone X.

  • Give Upward Swipe from Below

First things first, what you need to do here is to make upward swipe from the bottom of the display just like before. However, instead of withdrawing your finger from the screen, you need to hold it on the display for a moment there. Then, the App Switcher of iPhone X will have your apps laid out on the screen just like a deck of cards. It is pretty neat since you get to choose which app to close first.

  • Make Long Press on the Screen

The next thing to do is to give the screen long press with your finger. Hold it on until you see a white minus sign in red circle right in the top left corner. The App Switcher menu will have all apps with this sign on if you successfully do the long press on the screen. Now that you’ve got the sign to appear, there is only one left thing to do to actually force quit the apps that you open on iPhone X.

  • Swipe Up or Tap the Minus Sign

How to close apps on the iPhone X is as easy as giving upward swipe, but it is pretty much what you have to do to force quit the apps as well. Yes, once you have done the two steps above, the last thing you need to do is to swipe up on the intended app. However, you can also do the job by tapping on the minus sign to force quit it.