How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot and Get Things Done

How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot and Get Things Done

No matter how good your iPhone X is, there will always be times when your phone doesn’t do what you command it to do. The touchscreen might not recognize the touch of your finger. The app you opened might even just froze too. In such occasion, there will be needs for you to force reboot your phone. However, the gesture is changing now that iPhone X comes to existence. How to force the iPhone X to reboot, follows new procedure.

  • Press and Release Volume Up Button

Before, you might need to press and hold sleep/wake along with volume down buttons to do the job. However, things are different, but not too far if we must say. First thing first, you will just need to press and release volume up button. It is one located on the left side of the phone and is the upper one, of course. Do the press and release quickly though. You don’t need to hold it long here.

  • Press and Release the Volume Down

Right after you have the first step done, you have the second one to do, relating to the volume down button this time. Well, what you need to do here is pretty much the same with the first step above. You just need to give quick press and release to the volume down button. Remember that we are dealing with different device here. You will be able to continue on to the next step once you do this.

  • Press and Hold Side Button to Reboot

Now that you are done with the first two steps, we have the last one for you to do. This time, you will have to give the press and hold to the side button located on the right side of the phone. You will then see the Apple logo on the screen and it marks the start of the reboot. This reboot process should be done in less than 30 seconds. You don’t have to wait too long to get things done after all.

  • Enter PIN Code to Unlock Your Device

Once you are done with the reboot, we need to unlock your device back of course. To do so, you will need to wait until the reboot process is completely done. After that, the lock screen will appear on your iPhone X. Then, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code. That way, you should be able to unlock your iPhone X right away. It should be back to function normally by the end of this procedure.


How to force the iPhone X to reboot, is as easy as how you can expect it to be. However, it is not one where you have to press and hold sleep/wake button and the volume down button together to get everything done. We need different gesture, but it is still an easy one nonetheless. You just need to give quick press and hold to volume up and volume down, before pressing and holding side button for reboot and entering PIN code for unlock.

Description: How to force the iPhone X to reboot, requires quick press and release to volume buttons, before long hold on the side button to start the reboot.

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