Things to Prepare and to Do of How to Fast Charge the iPhone X Full in Merely One Hour

Things to Prepare and to Do of How to Fast Charge the iPhone X Full in Merely One Hour

As you might have known, charging phone battery takes quite a long time to do. However, there is actually a way for you to do fast charging, you see. The iPhone itself features it after all. However, to do so, you will need to prepare what’s necessary for it. This is part of what you must accomplish of how to fast charge the iPhone X full that would take only one hour. Well, let’s just see what we need to do the job here. There are only some.

1. Lightning to USB-C Cable iPhone

We are aiming for fast charging here. Of course, you will find the need to use fast working cable to deliver the power from the adapter. However, not all cables will do, you know. One that supports fast charging is the Lightning to USB-C Cable. It is short cable, but undeniably reliable to ensure you can get your iPhone fully charged in merely one hour. This is not the only necessary thing though.

2. USB-C Power Adapter of iPhone

We need special cable, so does the adaptor. From where the cable will deliver the power if it is not the job of adaptor to be done. Just like before though, not all iPhone adaptors will do. So, this time we have the 29W USB-C Power Adaptor for you to choose and pair with the cable. They make perfect match, so you can get fast charging done right away. They are enough to do the job here.

3. Third Party Fast iPhone Charger

It is good to know that fast charging can be done with the third party fast chargers, you see. However, you need to make sure that they support USB Power Delivery. If there is one that we can recommend, it would be ZMLM USB Type-C Wall Charger. It works just as fast as the Apple’s adapter. If you happen to find one, this charger surely makes good alternative to do fast charging.

4. Reasonable Price for Everything

Now that you have known what’s necessary to gather, you need to make sure that you have enough money to buy them. The recommended cable above is about $25, while the adapter is about $49. The third party charger is half the cost of adapter. Whatever your choice, just make sure you can get the best price possible you can afford so long as you understand what we do need for fast charging.

5. Start the Charging on the iPhone

How to fast charge the iPhone X will need either that special cable and adaptor or that third party fast charger. Whichever one you decide to go with, you can start the fast charging as fast as you want it to be. Just connect the cable and the adaptor then plug it in the charger slot of your iPhone. That alone will be enough to start the charging. It will automatically become more quickly to do it.

Description: How to fast charge the iPhone X guide needs you to gather the necessary needs, like special cable and adapter or third party fast charger to quickly charge your device.

How to Use Face ID on the iPhone X and Set Things Up for Unlocking Phone by Face

How to Use Face ID on the iPhone X and Set Things Up for Unlocking Phone by Face

Communicating devices, like hand phone are becoming more advanced time after time. If it is iPhone X we are talking about here, there is this Face ID feature you need to make good use of. It is the feature that this particular iPhone model has to offer. It basically lets you unlock your iPhone by face recognition. How to use Face ID on the iPhone X to set this then? Here, let us show you the way so you can’t let anyone to peek into your device.

Getting Started by Having Your Face Scanned

Whether you are asked to set up Face ID or you plan on doing it to begin with, you can start everything by tapping Get Started.  An image of yourself will be seen since it works like camera. Still, it uses infrared sensors to scan your face. If some movements are needed, you will be instructed to do so right on the screen. So, just follow it and you will know what to do to complete the scanning.

Doing the Scanning Twice to Set Up the Face ID

Once the scanning done, you will be prompted to do it one more time. Just follow the instructions and get the iPhone to take a whole look of your face. Doing twice will ensure the device gets just the right face to recognize for phone unlock later. After the second scanning is done, the screen will have you know that ‘your Face ID is now set up’. Tap on the Done button then when you get to this.

Setting the Options of Face ID Feature to Use

Just because you have scanned your face, it does not mean that you’ve got all the jobs done, you see. You need to set up the options so you can make things easier. For example, you choose when it gets applied. You can also turn on Require Attention for Face ID for certain disabilities. You might as well turn on Attention Aware Features if you don’t want the screen dim when you are looking at it.

Making Better Password to Increase Security

This Face ID might have been useful and all. However, you need to know that once it is turned on, the passcode enter will be pretty much reduced. It means the security is basically reduced too. To deal with this, you need to make better passcode. Go to the Face ID and Passcode section from your Settings App and change the passcode. Instead of digit only, try with letters and numbers instead.

Using the Face ID Once Everything Is All Set Up

How to use Face ID on the iPhone X when the set up is done then? Just make sure you move closer enough to the screen and take off your sunglasses for accurate recognition. Face ID is highly accurate. If your face is similar to someone, remember that this feature can be risky. However, this feature is smart if we must say. It learns how our look changes, so it is best to keep using it really.

Description: How to use Face ID on the iPhone X starts by you setting things up, right from scanning, changing passcode, to even using the Face ID with some worthy tips.

How to Bring the Home Button Back on iPhone X

How to Bring the Home Button Back on iPhone X

As you might have known, iPhone X is not one to come with Home button anymore. To navigate your way though the phone, you will have to do pretty much tap and swipe. You can always learn and make yourself used to this new gesture. However, not all people are fond of it. So, let us tell you that there is a way of how to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X. Let’s see what you need to do to realize such thing to happen below.

1. Go to Settings to Set AssistiveTouch

To realize it, we do need certain feature here. This feature is one called the AssistiveTouch. It works by giving you virtual Home button on your screen. However, it is not just about virtual thing. It does work like Home button does. Fortunately, it is the feature that iPhone X has always come with. You do need to activate it before you can use Home button. So, we first need to open the Settings App.

2. Open General to Go to Accessibility

Opening the Settings App will bring all sorts of menus to choose one from. This time, we would like you to choose General menu. It is one with gray icon of steering wheel. Opening the General menu will then bring you to list of more things to pick. From this list, what you need to tap is Accessibility. You should have been able to find one. This option will bring you to what we are really aiming here.

3. Select and Turn on the AssistiveTouch

Yes, it is the AssistiveTouch option that we will be getting by tapping the Accessibility. This option is there between the Switch Control and the Touch Accommodations. Select it and you will be brought to the feature display. Did you see the ON/OFF button beside the feature name? It is always turned off by default. So, what you need to do is to turn it on of course. It is not the end of the job though.

4. Assign Functions to the Home Button

This time, we need to assign the functions you want to be there in your virtual Home button. Look at the Custom Actions. You can decide what things to open with single tap, double tap, long press, or even 3D touch. Just tap either of these four and select the intended choices. That way, you know that you can make sure to get what you want by tapping or doing some gesture to the Home button.

5. Control the Button Opacity as You Like

How to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X can then be finished after you have set the right opacity of Home button you want. This opacity control will help you make the button to be either extremely visible or barely there, depending on what you prefer. Some might be annoyed to have one popping clear when you open app, but some others might feel just fine with it. So, just control it.

Description: How to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X? You would be in the need of AssesiveTouch feature to activate and manage it however you want.

How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot and Get Things Done

How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot and Get Things Done

No matter how good your iPhone X is, there will always be times when your phone doesn’t do what you command it to do. The touchscreen might not recognize the touch of your finger. The app you opened might even just froze too. In such occasion, there will be needs for you to force reboot your phone. However, the gesture is changing now that iPhone X comes to existence. How to force the iPhone X to reboot, follows new procedure.

  • Press and Release Volume Up Button

Before, you might need to press and hold sleep/wake along with volume down buttons to do the job. However, things are different, but not too far if we must say. First thing first, you will just need to press and release volume up button. It is one located on the left side of the phone and is the upper one, of course. Do the press and release quickly though. You don’t need to hold it long here.

  • Press and Release the Volume Down

Right after you have the first step done, you have the second one to do, relating to the volume down button this time. Well, what you need to do here is pretty much the same with the first step above. You just need to give quick press and release to the volume down button. Remember that we are dealing with different device here. You will be able to continue on to the next step once you do this.

  • Press and Hold Side Button to Reboot

Now that you are done with the first two steps, we have the last one for you to do. This time, you will have to give the press and hold to the side button located on the right side of the phone. You will then see the Apple logo on the screen and it marks the start of the reboot. This reboot process should be done in less than 30 seconds. You don’t have to wait too long to get things done after all.

  • Enter PIN Code to Unlock Your Device

Once you are done with the reboot, we need to unlock your device back of course. To do so, you will need to wait until the reboot process is completely done. After that, the lock screen will appear on your iPhone X. Then, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code. That way, you should be able to unlock your iPhone X right away. It should be back to function normally by the end of this procedure.


How to force the iPhone X to reboot, is as easy as how you can expect it to be. However, it is not one where you have to press and hold sleep/wake button and the volume down button together to get everything done. We need different gesture, but it is still an easy one nonetheless. You just need to give quick press and hold to volume up and volume down, before pressing and holding side button for reboot and entering PIN code for unlock.

Description: How to force the iPhone X to reboot, requires quick press and release to volume buttons, before long hold on the side button to start the reboot.

How To Use Animoji In The New iPhone X

How To Use Animoji In The New iPhone X

Inserting the emoticon during the chatting could be a nice way to increase the expression. In other hand, there is no better way to show that you have the new iPhone X –especially when your friends do not have it, than showing the Animoji. Yes, it is the exclusive features inside the iPhone X, which will make the chatting time becomes more colorful. However, some people still do not know about the way to insert the Animoji. In order to help you inserting this feature, here we will talk about the way in how to use Animoji.

Actually, what is Animoji? The Animoji is an app lays inside the messages app, which will allow you to send the 12 emoji-styled animated images characters. Something special here is the face detection software of iPhone X, which will be useful to change the facial expression of the animated characters.

Here, we will talk about the way to use Animoji through the iPhone X below.

Open the Message and tap Animoji app

As we have said before that Animoji lays inside the Messages app. It means that to enjoy the Animoji, you need to open the Messages app and look at the text-input area, which lays on the bottom of the screen. When the keyboard is showing, just tap to the apps icon.

However, how about when the keyboard is not visible? Here, you could manage it by see the small strips of the app icon, which is also placed in the bottom of screen. In the strip, you will see the Messages app includes the striker apps, music app, Digital Touch, and others. The icon of Animoji is the face of monkey.

Choose the character

After finding the strip, you could choose your own character. Here, there are 12 characters to choose. Swipe to find you favorite one.

Expand for full-screen view

In the keyboard screen, there is an expanding icon. For the default, you will see the complete Animoji with the small size. However, when you slide the expanding icon, you will be able to see the full-screen view of the Animoji character.

Hold your phone up and pose

Animoji works with the face detection of iPhone. Here, once you launch this app, make sure that you hold the phone, show the front camera will automatically be opened. Here, you could pose and see your facial expression, as it is reflected in the animated characters.

Apple completes the job of mapping the kinds of facial expression for the different part of the characters. It means that you may discover the expression by giving the reflection of different object by the Animoji character. For example, if you puff out the cheeks while the robot Animoji is selected, you will see that there are ears automatically occur in its head.

Record a 10-second video message

The most common way for users of iPhone X to send the Animoji is by recording a 10-second video message. Here, you could do it by tapping red dot in the corner of window of Animoji. When the video recording is done, it will be automatically sent to your friends.

Change Animoji after recording

If you like your recording but you want to change the character of Animoji, you have access to do it. After the recording, you could pick the different character from the left side menu and the video will be played again with the new character.

Send a striker

Video is not the only way to send the Animoji. Here, you could send the Animoji as the stiker. It is the simpler way to make the colorful chatting with your friend.

Save Animoji video for later

When you think that you have special video in recording using the Animoji app, you are able to save it as a video file. Here, you need to tap and hold the video and the saving menu will appear. The video from the Animoji app will be saved in the Camera Roll and you are free to send it to your friend later.

Well, based on the explanation above, we may see that there are simple ways in how to use Animoji through the iPhone X. The Animoji app is the interesting feature inside the iPhone X, which will deliver the nice thing for coloring the chatting time.

Take A Screenshot on iPhone X Tutorial

Take A Screenshot on iPhone X Tutorial

The iPhone X offers some renewals, which will amaze the new users of the product. Here, the edge-to-edge display will stretch across the face of the product. It means that iPhone X benches the home button, as we have in last decades. Besides, it also means that we also need learn the new interaction way, including the way in how to take a screenshot using the iPhone X.

Taking screenshot sometimes becomes the alternative to save the image easily and simply. Actually, the way to do this matter is quite simple. Users only need to press the power and home buttons together and it will give their access to do screenshotting. However, how about the iPhone X, which there is no home button to press.

Users do not need to worry. Although the method has changed, the way to screenshot the image is still quite simple. Here, we will talk about the way to do it. Take a sit and see the points below.

  1. Press the side and the volume button together in the same time. After it, release it quickly.

  2. After it, the screenshot will directly appear in the bottom left of the screen of iPhone X

  3. Tap on the image when you want to edit the phone. Here, you could edit it and save the screenshot in the Camera Roll or delete it when you think that it is not good. Then, you also could swipe the screen to the left for banishing the screenshot for the display.

Well, three points as above is the way in how to take a screenshot through the new iPhone X. By the explanation above, we may see that screenshoting is quite easy to do!

How To See Your Battery Percentage On iPhone X

How To See Your Battery Percentage On iPhone X

The occurring of the iPhone X will make the new competitive competition inside the smartphone market. This headset becomes the popular product, which will beat the other vendors in providing sleek product. As you may hear, iPhone X does some renewals in its appearance, especially the edge-to-edge display with the small notch on its top. This renewal is the reason why the TrueDisplay camera and all the sensor need the Face ID live. Here, we will see the way in how to see your battery percentage.

Yes, previously, iPhone shows the wireless connectivity in its left, the time in center and the battery icon in the same place with the icon of Bluetooth, alarm and location tracking.

However, now, the notch comes with the new appearance. The time now appears in the left side of the notch and battery icon appears in the right side together with cellular bars and Wi-Fi connectivity. However, there is no percentage in the battery bar, which sometimes will provide unclear information for you.

I am sure that some users want to know the percentage of the battery, so they could manage the power of iPhone X well. If you really want to know about the percentage of the battery, here some steps that you need to do.

  1. Swipe down from the right of the screen. This step will be good to pull the iOS 11 control center up. Here, by this simple step, the expanded battery detail, including the percentage will appear on the top right.
  2. To make the control center disappear, you just need to swipe it up.

Seeing the very simple steps as above, we may see that seeing the percentage of the battery is not a problem to resolve. It is just a simple way and you could do it in seconds! Well, that is all about the way in how to see your battery percentage. I hope it will be useful for you all.

How To Use Portrait Mode On The iPhone X’s Front Camera Easily

How To Use Portrait Mode On The iPhone X’s Front Camera Easily

iPhone X becomes the hot smartphone in the world and the occurring of this product in the market will make a new competitive competition than other vendors. Here, the new iPhone X joins the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, which previously providing the portrait mode feature in its rear camera. Of course, this feature is very nice to increase the experience in capturing the image and it is also able to create the best effect. However, how to use portrait mode on the iPhone X’s front camera?

Before knowing the way to use the portrait mode, users need to know that iPhone X provides better detail than the previous product. The iPhone X has special mode for delivering the stylish selfies. In other hand, it also has the TrueDepth camera, which will increase the quality of image.

Now, let us see the way to use the portrait mode of the front camera from the iPhone X below.

Step to Use the Portrait Mode on iPhone X Camera

There are some easy steps to do when you want to enjoy the portrait mode of the iPhone X’s camera. See the simple steps below.

  1. Open the iPhone X’s camera app
  2. Select portrait mode inside the app from the bottom menu (here you could start capturing the photo, as you want)
  3. Press the front-facing camera. The location is in the bottom right of the display. Choose the portrait mode
  4. Use the cube-shaped navigation. It is the right tool to manage the lighting options. Here, there are some lighting options, as the natural light, studio light, contour light, stage light and stage light mono.

Based on the explanation above, we may see that there are only simple in how to use portrait mode on the iPhone X’s front camera. By the simple steps, I am sure that everyone could do it easily. Now, you could do your favorite position of selfies. However, please notice that the portrait mode lighting is still beta. It means that the effect will be not quite maximal as the full version. We wait the renewals from iPhone for this side.

How To Set Up And Use Apple Pay For The X Series

How To Set Up And Use Apple Pay For The X Series

The one of the interesting and stunning features inside the Apple’s products is the Apple Pay, especially for the iPhone product. Here, when you have not used this picture through the iPhone product, Apple has Apple’s mobil wallet, which will ease you to buy everything for the groceries, clothes, coffee and medicine at millions of retail, and others. However, when you think that you are familiar with the Apple’s mobil wallet, you need to be aware that there is a new way about how to set up and use Apple pay, especially for the new iPhone X series.

For the iPhone 8 and 8 plus or the earlier versions of the iPhone, users will use the Touch ID sensor when authenticating the Apply Pay purchases. Now, for the renewal of the iPhone X, the feature is called as Face ID. The renewal is special because it provides the more stunning detail and it is also easier to be used.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on iPhone X

Of course, to enjoy this feature, it will be important for you to know the way to set it up. It is the common question of the users about how to set the Apple Pay. Here, we will talk about some ways to set this feature. See the following points of it below.

1. Go to Setting and Select the Apple Pay and Wallet

The first way to set up the Apple Pay and Wallet is going to the setting. It is just simple way to do. Here, when you do not already do it, this way is the right way to add the new credit card or new debit for the account of your Apple Pay. Of course, every user needs to do it clearly, so they could enjoy the feature much.

2. Tap Add Debit or Credit Card

The second way is tapping the add menu inside the Apple’s Wallet to set the debit or the credit card

3. Hit Continue Button

After it, hit the continue button. In common, this button lays on the bottom of the screen.

4. Line up the Card, Debit or Enter Info Manually

Here, you need to line up about the card information. You could do it automatically or manually, based on what you need.

5. Enter Expiration Date and Security Code

Enter the expiration date, which will be good to manage the feature. Then, do not forget to add the security code. It is important to enter the security code to increase the privacy.

6. Hit Agree on the Terms and Condition Screen

In the final step, you need to hit the agree button on the term and condition screen.

How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone X

After several points as above, we have finished about the way to set up the Apple Pay feature. It means that we could this the feature directly from our device. Then, how to use it?

There are several easy steps to use the Apple Pay through the iPhone X below.

1. Double tap side button on the iPhone X to launch the feature

2. Bring the phone close to the terminal of payment

3. Use Face ID to secure the Apple Pay purchase

Seeing the simple way as above, we may see that there is actually quite easy to enjoy the Apple Pay. Now, you already know the way in how to set up and use Apple pay, so you could enjoy the feature well. I am sure that this feature will be useful, especially to help you buying something that you need simply.

2 Ways of How to Restart Your iPhone X to Give It Quite Some Refresh to Its Function

2 Ways of How to Restart Your iPhone X to Give It Quite Some Refresh to Its Function

Surely, you have ever experienced your device acting like not it is supposed to be, like lagging and such. This is not serious problem, so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do to take care of it is to give it some refresh by restarting the device. How to restart your iPhone X then? There are actually two ways you can choose to try one from. They are all easy, so feel free to pick either one.

Restarting the Phone through Settings

  • Go to General of Settings App

The first way there is to restart the device is through the Settings, of course. So, look for the Settings App on your iPhone X. You will then see all sorts of options to tap as needed, right from the Airplane Mode to Face ID & Passcode. What you need here to get to restart the device is General option. Find this General out of all options there are in the Settings and select it. Then, you are set to do the next.

  • Tap Shut Down and Turn It On

A list of menus will then be there again to choose one from. What you need this time is Shut Down option, without doubt. Scroll it down and you will see this option at the bottom of the list in the General display. Tapping it will be enough to send your device to turn off. Give some time before you turn it one again. Press down the side button on the right side then and the device will turn on again.

Restarting the Phone by Pressing Buttons

  • Press Power and Volume Buttons

The other way of restarting iPhone X is by going through the manual way of pressing the buttons on the right and left sides of the device down at the same time. Doing this will bring the Slide-to-Power-Off option on your screen. You will see one right on the top. Of course, we say this if you successfully do the job. If not, just give it another try until you get the power icon to appear on iPhone X screen.

  • Swipe to the Right and Turn It On

Now that you’ve got the power icon to appear, you can simply give it one swipe to the right and your device will turn off on its own. After it is turned off, you can just turn it back on by pressing the side button on the right side. This will be enough to get your device some refresh to deal whenever it is acting up. How to restart your iPhone X is pretty much easy to do even if the gestures are different.