How to Bring the Home Button Back on iPhone X

How to Bring the Home Button Back on iPhone X

As you might have known, iPhone X is not one to come with Home button anymore. To navigate your way though the phone, you will have to do pretty much tap and swipe. You can always learn and make yourself used to this new gesture. However, not all people are fond of it. So, let us tell you that there is a way of how to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X. Let’s see what you need to do to realize such thing to happen below.

1. Go to Settings to Set AssistiveTouch

To realize it, we do need certain feature here. This feature is one called the AssistiveTouch. It works by giving you virtual Home button on your screen. However, it is not just about virtual thing. It does work like Home button does. Fortunately, it is the feature that iPhone X has always come with. You do need to activate it before you can use Home button. So, we first need to open the Settings App.

2. Open General to Go to Accessibility

Opening the Settings App will bring all sorts of menus to choose one from. This time, we would like you to choose General menu. It is one with gray icon of steering wheel. Opening the General menu will then bring you to list of more things to pick. From this list, what you need to tap is Accessibility. You should have been able to find one. This option will bring you to what we are really aiming here.

3. Select and Turn on the AssistiveTouch

Yes, it is the AssistiveTouch option that we will be getting by tapping the Accessibility. This option is there between the Switch Control and the Touch Accommodations. Select it and you will be brought to the feature display. Did you see the ON/OFF button beside the feature name? It is always turned off by default. So, what you need to do is to turn it on of course. It is not the end of the job though.

4. Assign Functions to the Home Button

This time, we need to assign the functions you want to be there in your virtual Home button. Look at the Custom Actions. You can decide what things to open with single tap, double tap, long press, or even 3D touch. Just tap either of these four and select the intended choices. That way, you know that you can make sure to get what you want by tapping or doing some gesture to the Home button.

5. Control the Button Opacity as You Like

How to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X can then be finished after you have set the right opacity of Home button you want. This opacity control will help you make the button to be either extremely visible or barely there, depending on what you prefer. Some might be annoyed to have one popping clear when you open app, but some others might feel just fine with it. So, just control it.

Description: How to bring the Home button back to the iPhone X? You would be in the need of AssesiveTouch feature to activate and manage it however you want.

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