3 Steps of How to Switch Between Apps: the Procedure to the New Gesture on iPhone X

3 Steps of How to Switch Between Apps: the Procedure to the New Gesture on iPhone X

Did you just buy new iPhone X? It would take some time before you can completely navigate your way through this new device. Even if you used to using iPhones before, it does not mean that you will get used to it as quickly as you might think. Apple specifically has this device designed with new gestures for many kinds of aspect. The procedure of how to switch between apps is different as well.

The Procedure to Switch Between Apps

New gestures are introduced on iPhone X mainly because the device is no more one with its part framing the touchscreen. It comes new with edge to edge design after all. As a result, you have no Home button offered on its screen display. Home button means a lot in most devices, including the previous iPhones. You get to do all sorts of things from it. Since it is not there on iPhone X, you will have to learn new gestures to do them all.

  1. Swipe Up and Pause on the Display

Start this from the app you opened or right from the home screen. Touch your finger on the screen and swipe up right from the bottom. Don’t take your finger off the screen yet though. Make a pause and hold still on the display. Do it until you feel there is like a little vibration from your iPhone X. If you don’t get the vibration, you might not yet to do this step well. Just give it proper try next then.

  1. Get the Apps Viewed on the Display

The first step above will lead you to get the apps viewed on the display. There are two different conditions to know here. First, opening the App Switcher from your home screen will have the opened apps to appear in panels, side by side. Second, swiping up from the screen bottom while using the app, will give you multitasking view with other recently used apps on your iPhone X screen.

  1. Swipe Left or Right on Screen Bottom

How to switch between apps will end by this step here. Now that you have the apps set in either panels or multitasking view, you can simply give it some swipe to get to the intended app you want to switch to. Do this on the bottom of the screen and you will be able to toggle between the apps as smoothly as possible. iPhone X might be new to you, but navigating around it won’t be so hard to do.

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