2 Ways of How to Restart Your iPhone X to Give It Quite Some Refresh to Its Function

2 Ways of How to Restart Your iPhone X to Give It Quite Some Refresh to Its Function

Surely, you have ever experienced your device acting like not it is supposed to be, like lagging and such. This is not serious problem, so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do to take care of it is to give it some refresh by restarting the device. How to restart your iPhone X then? There are actually two ways you can choose to try one from. They are all easy, so feel free to pick either one.

Restarting the Phone through Settings

  • Go to General of Settings App

The first way there is to restart the device is through the Settings, of course. So, look for the Settings App on your iPhone X. You will then see all sorts of options to tap as needed, right from the Airplane Mode to Face ID & Passcode. What you need here to get to restart the device is General option. Find this General out of all options there are in the Settings and select it. Then, you are set to do the next.

  • Tap Shut Down and Turn It On

A list of menus will then be there again to choose one from. What you need this time is Shut Down option, without doubt. Scroll it down and you will see this option at the bottom of the list in the General display. Tapping it will be enough to send your device to turn off. Give some time before you turn it one again. Press down the side button on the right side then and the device will turn on again.

Restarting the Phone by Pressing Buttons

  • Press Power and Volume Buttons

The other way of restarting iPhone X is by going through the manual way of pressing the buttons on the right and left sides of the device down at the same time. Doing this will bring the Slide-to-Power-Off option on your screen. You will see one right on the top. Of course, we say this if you successfully do the job. If not, just give it another try until you get the power icon to appear on iPhone X screen.

  • Swipe to the Right and Turn It On

Now that you’ve got the power icon to appear, you can simply give it one swipe to the right and your device will turn off on its own. After it is turned off, you can just turn it back on by pressing the side button on the right side. This will be enough to get your device some refresh to deal whenever it is acting up. How to restart your iPhone X is pretty much easy to do even if the gestures are different.

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