2-Step Procedure of How to Turn Off the iPhone X in Different Way than Ever Before

2-Step Procedure of How to Turn Off the iPhone X in Different Way than Ever Before

You know the newly released iPhone X is not at all like the other iPhones before. It takes you to press and hold the power button to turn off the phone. However, doing something like this will command for other thing on your iPhone X. Apple has their new way of how to turn off the iPhone X to propose to you this time. The procedure is merely two steps to follow. Let’s get down to it below.

Press and Hold Two Buttons at a Time

Yes, you will have to give some press and hold on two buttons on iPhone X. The first is side button located on one side and the second is volume button on the other side. You have to press both button at the same time and hold them long enough until you see power icon on the screen. Make sure you do it right since doing it wrong will lead to other command on the iPhone X device after all.

Why, of course, pressing down the two buttons at a short time will merely command the device to screen shoot the screen. For the volume button, you can choose either the one that raises volume or one that reduces it. While in other devices you have both buttons at the same side, they are only meant for screen shot and nothing more than that. Once you are done making the power icon to show up, you can get to do the last step.

Give One Swipe to the Right to End This

You can’t possible move on to the last step if you don’t get the power icon to show up on your iPhone X screen. To turn off this device, pressing buttons is not only what it takes to do the job after all. Remember that we are dealing with new device that is designed and featured differently than before. Of course, you will need to do different thing to get the job done. It is not difficult though.

All you need to do is to swipe the power icon to the right from its place on the left. Once you have done that, your iPhone will shut down on its own right away. That’s all what it takes to do the job here. After learning this, surely you notice that its way of turning off the device is quite similar to that of Androids. However, they do differ a little here and there. So, get used to the new way of iPhone X if you previously used Android.


Now that we have learnt how to turn off the iPhone X, we can say that Apple does not seem to make the device too hard to deal with. When it comes to the way of turning down the device, you need to merely follow two steps to finish everything. The procedure itself is actually quite similar to that of Android. If you used to one, it must be easy for you to grab things fast and get used to iPhone X next.

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